Here is what I AM doing:

The following does not impact:

> The Troopers Limited Edition Figure. 

I have reduced the 27th Lancers Rifles prices by 25% from $30 to $22.50, and $150 to $112.50 for sets of 5.

> All other figures that are currently in inventory and ready to be boxed and shipped are listed on this page which I will update as inventory dwindles.

All figures in stock are 20% off. Please use the promo code SAVE20. The 20% discount is good until July 15th.

> If the shipping adds up to some crazy number, say greater than $15.00, I will adjust it and refund you the difference. Figure prices are good for international sales but I will adjust the shipping to meet the actual amount and send an additional invoice.

Here is what I am NOT doing:

> I am NOT making anything that is not already finished and in inventory right now unless you e-mail a request for something that you are in no hurry to get. We can work out the timeline via e-mail.

> Remember, I do not physically cast or paint the Velvet Knights or the Spirit of Atlanta figures, so once they are gone they will be gone for good. At least for the Velvet Knights since I do not have the masters for them. That could change in the years to come but I doubt it.

> I will NOT be attending any shows this summer. I can't afford to be away this year for any length of time. 

I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to flush out your collection or make that purchase that you have been putting off for so long. When I return in the fall, I will hopefully be adding an entirely new product and a market that is much bigger and less segmented than just drum and bugle corps.​

Since 1999, Drum Corps Miniatures has tried to provide a one of a kind, quality, collectible that represented YOUR memories of YOUR drum corps experiences, whether you marched or were just a fan. While I made it look easy, many of you know that it has been very difficult. There is never enough time or money to do what I want to do. Since New Years and more recently I have been dealing with family medical issues which have prevented me from getting ahead of this year's requirements. 

So, as of Monday, May 14th, I am going to take a a pause in producing any new or old figures except the few projects I have in the works right now; Carolina Crown horns and a reintroduction of the Bridgemen horns from a few years ago. Why?

On May 14th I lost my older brother and a week before that my 88 year old father, a Korea and Vietnam War veteran, had a major heart attack. He is also legally blind. He is ok now and at home but he's weak and needs help for a while. Since my mother is also in her 80's, it is my responsibility to take the lead at this time.

There are many other reasons that relate to the current drum corps activity. It is very segmented, it has changed drastically from the activity that I loved growing up in the 70's, and it is a very hard activity to get your foot into unless you know the right people or marched or taught in the right places. I get it. 

I'm not going away entirely. In fact, below I am offering a chance to fill out your collection or finally get some figures at prices you will have to see. When I come back I will be offering a different vision of what I know people will want, just in a different form which requires less physical input on my part. I may still be able to return to toy soldier style figures since I have the masters and the molds. I just can't right now.

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