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"Drum Corps Doesn't Get Any BIGGER!"

2. Sign-up to subscribe to the upcoming limited edition Troopers drum major figure. Only 500 figures will be made and the opportunity to purchase this figure will go to subscribers 1st before being posted in the on-line store. 

Just send an e-mail with the subject line Troopers Drum Major to get on the list. I will send an e-mail when they are ready.

Preserving Drum and Bugle Corps' Past
Coming Soon: Troopers Classic Snare Line. Currently at the mold maker. 

Currently working on a Velvet Knights figure most of you will recognize. OK, it still needs some tweaking. This is my first attempt at a computer sculpted model which will be sent to a 3D printer. Still need the long braided hair. (So far VERY difficult) Yeah, those ARE Converse High Tops.

I will offer a smaller 60mm, pewter version like all of my other figures, and a display set with a mounted shark to complete the scene.

My first print will be a 6" print for my shelf or possibly the 'Silent" auction at finals.

Keep checking back for updates and photos.
Still waiting on progress reports on the below figure projects.