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Preserving Your Drum Corps, and Your Memories! Since 1999
The Troopers 60th Anniversary Figure  

The limited edition Drum Major figure is being produced by the Wm Britains company. One of the oldest and arguably the best toy soldier manufacturers in the world. 

Pictured is a comparison to a Britains museum piece and the type of box the Trooper will come in. The first 200 figures are finished and will be shipped this month.

Click HERE to subscribe and reserve your figure today. Time is running out!
2018 Planning

In development: Carolina Crown full line of horns to be followed by snares and quads. Main pieces at the sculptor know.  
Another VK figure. 
All figures are 100% Pewter and hand painted.
NEW Cavaliers Hat!!!   What does that mean?
FINALLY a Cavaliers Contra player. 

I am also adding a baritone. Look for a PRE-SALE promotion soon!
27th Lancers now available. You asked for it.