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Plans for the rest of 2018
Starting October 1st, All figures in the store will be available for purchase. While not in inventory I will produce them when ordered. Products will be in 2 categories: 1.) Produced when ordered, and  2.) Available but not renewable, i.e. remaining Velvet Knight horns and Spirit of Atlanta figures. These were produced elsewhere and once gone, they are gone.

Available now for pre-order is the Carolina Crown horn set which is $80.00 pre-ordered but will be $100.00 in November. 

A special note about the Troopers, 60th Anniversary, Limited Edition, numbered, drum major figure.

After a 2+ year effort on my part to fulfill a mutual arrangement to produce this figure, and once 500 figures were ready, Troopers Drum Corps reneged on helping me market to their alumni of 60 years. They didn't want anything to do with it, denied we ever had a deal, and left me holding the bag for 500 figures, at a cost of well over $6000.00, PLUS the opportunity cost of NOT doing a figure for some other corps that would have embraced one.

So starting Oct 1st, I am selling this figure for $22.00 + $3.00 handling, a normally $40.00 figure. I apologize to everyone who paid full price, but I can't sit on 400 figures just because somebody got their nose out of joint or they have a personal problem with me or Drum Corps Miniatures. It is not my fault if these corps do not want free money just to send an e-mail out to their alumni e-mail list. 

This figure was produced by William Britain, the oldest and most prestigious toy solder company in the world. Rarely do they do figures for other companies. What aa missed opportunity for the Troopers. I've always liked them. Old School.

This is the last 3 months the 27th Lancer Rifle figures will be available. Once my inventory is gone, or on Dec 31st, whichever comes first, all figures will either be sold or thrown into the pot to melt.