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Business Suspension
Due to personal issues combined with a very costly betrayal by a drum corps, I have decided to suspend production operations effective immediately. All current orders are being worked and will ship when ready. The inventory below is what is currently in stock and is all I am going to sell. Once gone they are gone. If you don't see it on this page I am not making it.

I am selling ALL figures that I had made in China at my cost which was approximately $10.00/figure. These figures are the VK horns, Spirit of Atlanta horns and snares, and the Troopers 60th Anniversary drum major. 

Ask about the 27th Lancer Rifles I have left. They retire 12/31!
1975 Scouts

5  Sopranos
1   Baritone
12 Mellophones

18 Phantom

Phantom Regiment White

5 Snares

3 Baritones
Phantom Regiment Black

8   Snares
3   Sopranos
10 Mellophones
0   Contras
0   Quads
VK Horns Remaining

5 Mellophone Waving
1 Mellophone Hang Loose
4 Sopranos Waving

Spirit Snares Remaining

32  Snares

How to ORDER:  

1. Choose what you want to order.  

2. E-mail your desires to me at drumcorpsminis@aol.com.  

3. I will send you a PayPal invoice with postage added. 
All of my highest quality Chinese produced figures are priced at my cost, aprox. $10.00 each. 
I am clearing the decksShipping is dependent on the number for figures ordered but should be between $5.00 to $11.00.  
Troopers 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Figure

Was $40.00
Now $10.00
All of these figures were $25.00 each. Now a steal at $10.00 each.
All figures here are reduced to $15.00 each! 
$20.00 each