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1975 Scouts

2 Mellophones

18 Phantom of the Opera

Spirit Snares Remaining

17  Snares

How to ORDER:  

1. Choose what you want to order.  

2. E-mail your desires to me at drumcorpsminis@aol.com.  

3. I will send you a PayPal invoice with postage added. 
All of my remaining Chinese produced figures are priced at my cost, aprox. $10.00 each. 
I am clearing the decksShipping is dependent on the number for figures ordered but should be between $5.00 to $11.00.  (Domestic) Ask about oveseas postage.
All of these figures were $25.00 each. Now a steal at $10.00 each.
Unless otherwise marked, all figures here are reduced to $15.00 each! 
$20.00 each
Ask about the 27th Lancer Rifles I have left. 
can entertain requests to produce figures that I make, but they will be invoiced at full price, ($20.00 - $25.00 each). 

E-mail your request to see if I can accommodate your wishes.

1 SOA Soprano (Legs together)

This is a photo of the master figure
before gloss added.  
Due to overlooking details, the original 60th anniversary, Limited Edition, Trooper Drum Major figure was delivered with a dark, navy blue uniform instead of a black uniform. Figures were already completed and on the way when I was notified. 

While I sold some with the blue uniform, (Now Collector's Items), I can understand most of the people balking at an incorrect figure. (After 20 years I'm pretty sure I know how detailed drum corps people are.

The good news is that I have repainted these figures with a black uniform so they will be accurate. Once finished these figures look as good as the originals. See for yourself.

New Black uniform is $20.00 + $5.00 S & H.

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